Since 1987, the professional staff at Riley-Sherman Shipping Agency, Inc. (RSSA) has dealt with a great number of circumstances, which could potentially cause delays to their client’s vessels. We know time means money to you, whether you are a vessel owner, operator, or charterer. Our job is to make sure those delays will not happen. We offer up to the minute reporting on water levels, and monitor ship channel conditions.

Our clients will be able to receive accurate and on-time traffic for their early morning meetings. The information we compile on each vessel handled and the questionnaires RSSA sends to those vessels assures that the contracted surveyors will have the necessary gauging equipment upon arrival. U.S. Government officials do not have to wait for the appropriate paperwork to be completed, as the vessel will have a list prior to berthing on all items needed.

Why use RSSA?

  • Our service is tailored to your exact needs.
  • Quality service can still be obtained at reasonable prices.
  • We are experienced in the throughput of vessels commencing at load port until cargo is discharged, giving our clients all the information they need in one phone call.
  • RSSA constantly searches for better vendor rates in order to save our clients money.
  • Historical reports are available for vessel performance, weather delays, channel closures, and other similar items of importance to assist in the making of management decisions regarding demurrage, chartering, or change of port.
  • ISO Certified for Shipping Agency Services.