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Please see the below amendment to the Rules and Regulations Governing Pilots and Pilotage on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, which was presented and approved at the October 19, 2021 Port of Corpus Christi Pilot Board. The Trim Requirement became effective October 19, 2021 .


To be clear the Minimum Trim requirement rule will not apply if by doing so it causes the vessel to exceed the maximum allowable draft of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and or the berth the vessel was to call on.


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VIII MINIMUM TRIM (Effective October 19, 2021)


All Vessels shall be trimmed by the stern when transiting the CCSC unless operationally unfeasible. A minimum 1.5-foot (approximately 0.5 meter) trim by the stern is required for all Vessels transiting with a draft less than the maximum allowable draft of the CCSC, the La Quinta Channel, or the berth.


Russell Cordo
Port of Corpus Christi




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