MSIB XX-23 Safety Zone ORION night time 23-29JAN


Good day PCT,


Orion Construction will be mechanically dredging with crane and clam bucket the overburden off of the NCWS 20” waterline. Diving operations will be taking place within the work area as well as additional barges on location. Ship traffic will be obstructed however barge traffic will be able to pass with coordination. Assist vessel will be the Tug M/V Grady Ray and M/V Miss Monie, will be monitoring VHF Channel 12/69. Below are the coordinates of the work area. A Safety Zone is requested for Monday night (01/23), Tuesday night (01/24), Wednesday night (01/25), Thursday night (01/26), Friday night (01/27), Saturday night (01/28), and Sunday night (01/29) from 2000-0400. This will be a night operation. Our barges and assist vessels will be well lit and have the required USCG lighting displayed.


NW Point: 27°50’31.2800, -097°04’17.2300

NE Point: 27°50’31.7300, -097°04’15.4400

SW Point: 27°50’29.0600, -097°04’16.6100

SE Point: 27°50’29.3200, -097°04’14.8


Let us know if you have any questions/ concerns.


Attach is a draft of the proposed MSIB for reference.


Very Respectfully,


Waterways Management Division

Prevention Department

Sector Corpus Christi

U.S. Coast Guard