WGMA Corpus Christi Ship Channel

PCT Call Update #2


Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Partially Sunken Vessel in Ship Channel



USCG Sector Corpus Christi held a Port Coordination Team (PCT) conference call at 1700 hours today to update the industry on the status of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. Your WGMA Maritime Affairs team participated on the call and has the following report:


The latest information on this ongoing situation, as reported to industry representatives on the PCT conference call at 1700 hours today.


Orion Marine advises the high winds are delaying the movement of their salvage equipment to the site; they still anticipate starting salvage operations at 0800 hours tomorrow, Thursday August 10th. Currently, salvage operations are expected to take about 5 hours.


During the salvage operations, all traffic will again be suspended. Once the salvage operations begin, the Safety Zone will be in place and will remain in place until salvage operations have completed.


This afternoon, the COTP issued an update to the MSIB (112-23 Update 1) and authorized a tug/barge transit, which successfully moved through the area without impact. A deep draft ship also was authorized to transit the area as well with success. Accordingly, the COTP will issue an updated MSIB (112-23 Update 2) and authorized 2 deep draft ships to transit outbound through the area this evening. That will clear all ships that were queued up today due to the incident.


It is not anticipated that any deep draft ships will need to move until tomorrow early morning, and any ships that queue up overnight will either move in time to clear the area after dawn tomorrow and prior to the 0800 hours salvage start. Otherwise, they will be delayed, to move after the salvage has been completed.


Agents are reminded to maintain close dialogue with the pilot dispatch and Harbormaster offices. Agents are also reminded to keep the eNOA/D’s updated for their vessels.


Another PCT conference call has been scheduled for 1000 hours tomorrow. Your Maritime Affairs team will participate on the PCT conference call and report to our membership afterwards.