Increased LPG ship availability on the Houston Ship Channel

Project 11 is expanding the Houston Ship Channel and the shipping capability of Galveston Bay; and the widening of the majority of lower bay to 700’ has resulted in removing daylight restrictions for LPG ships.


On November 3, 2023 the Houston Pilots began permitting most LPG ships to transit Houston Ship Channel without daylight restriction and introduced a process for loaded LPG ships arriving or departing after the posted “daylight cut-off times”. Agents are to notify Pilot Dispatch of the ship’s departure using the Exception Request Form. Under the new process—it is required for the Cargo Agent to complete the submission of the Exception Form 4-hours before the expected completion of cargo operations. The Enterprise Houston Ship Channel Terminal will be working with its customers to fully utilize the benefits of these expanded operating hours. These changes to daylight restrictions are effective immediately. Vessels that qualify for nighttime sailing will be subject to layberth fees.


This enhancement of channel operations is an outcome of Enterprise’s efforts over several years advocating Project 11.  During the planning and approval of this multi-year project, Enterprise was deeply involved in the process, making a case for widening and deepening initiatives to improve the overall safety and capability of the Houston area port complex. This enhancement in addition to allowing greater shipping availability, also increased the channel harbor tug availability and benefitting all Houston Ship Channel users.”