Be advised that the inbound transit of the M/V ZHEN HUA 29 from Sea to Bayport Container Terminals has been moved to July 27, 2023 from 0700 – 1100 local. The outbound dead ship tow of the M/V SSI ADVENTURE will continue as schedule for July 26, 2023, 0730 – 1600.


The VTS Directive for the outbound dead ship tow will remain the same as stated on the call:

  1. Vessel Traffic Service Houston-Galveston DIRECTS No Meeting or Overtaking of the dead ship tow from TEMCO to Barbour’s Cut / Morgan’s Point (0600 – 1000). Above Morgan’s Point, inbound tows will be required to hold on the outer limits of the channel to facilitate the passing of the dead ship tow.
  2. Below Morgan’s Point, Vessel Traffic Service Houston-Galveston DIRECTS No Meeting of the M/V SSI ADVENTURE by ship traffic in the Houston Ship Channel.
  3. Barge lane traffic may continue uninterrupted but may not overtake each other within 2000 yards of the Dead Ship Tow. The Captain of the Port has established a 100-yard Safety Zone for the dead ship tow while in transit.


The movement of the M/V ZHEN HUA 29 to the morning of the 27th will provide benefit allowing for normal sailings and arrivals throughout tonight and the ability to move all outbound Day Light Restricted vessels out ahead of the dead ship tow. The Houston Pilots have communicated that they will continue to take orders and make best available arrangement to coincide with the tow plan.


Thanks for your continued coordination and flexibility. Best regards.

Randy Scott

Operations & Training Manager

Vessel Traffic Service

Sector Houston-Galveston

281.464.4827 w


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