The BAR Pilots are now requiring agents to submit the attached “POWER LIMITATION FORM” for each vessel before entry at SWP.


KEY POINT —> Per the attached BAR Pilot letter:


  • The agent must provide the attached form – completed by the vessel Master – to the Bar Pilots.
  • The completed form shall be submitted through the Agent Reporting Portal at the time of ordering a Bar Pilot.
  • Any vessels wishing to transit Southwest Pass and the Mississippi River that are unable or unwilling to immediately override a power limiter may be subject to transit risk mitigations (including daylight restrictions, additional Pilotage or additional tug requirements).



  • Some ship companies have apparently instructed their ship Masters NOT to use the override procedures.
  • To prevent a possible delay in entry; agents are highly encouraged to start this process as soon as possible to allow ship Masters to coordinate with ship companies to gain any needed permission to override any power limiters.



  • Ships are required to reduce carbon emissions. (MARPOL)
  • To do so, ship owners have installed Shaft Power or Engine Power Limiters.  
  • Now, ships may not have full power in emergency maneuvering situations, include under pilotage in constrained channels such as the LMR.
  • However, those power-limiting systems can be over-ridden.  


USCG MSIB (See attached):

  • This MSIB instructs all ship Masters to share with LMR Pilot:
    • Power limiting system information
    • System over-riding procedures, including
      • Time to over-ride
      • Maximum unlimited power available
  • Finally:  By U.S. Federal Regulations – Masters are reminded before embarking a Pilot, main propulsion machinery must be available to immediately respond to the full range of maneuvering commands and that any software or mechanical based limiters be capable of being overridden immediately upon request of the attending Pilot.


Please forward any questions to me.


“Capt Ron”

Ronald W. Branch, CAPT. USCG (Ret.)
Louisiana Maritime Association (LAMA)
Website:  The Watch Stander