The USCG Sector New Orleans has provided the following update regarding the pipeline related oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).


  • Confirmed 1.1 million gallon oil discharge from a pipeline occurred yesterday, approximately 15 miles East, Southeast of SWP.
  • The pipeline has been shut-in.
  • The oil is currently approximately 15 miles south of SWP and moving south/southwest away from the Gulf Coast.
  • There are heavy seas helping to breakup the surface oil.
  • Skimming operations are ongoing at this time to collect remaining surface oil.
  • There is no impact to shipping or ship traffic at this time.
  • Should ships come in contact with oil, then decontamination (hull cleaning) procedures will be developed.
  • A Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) is being drafted and will be released soon.



Further updates will be provided upon receipt.




“Capt Ron”

Ronald W. Branch, CAPT. USCG (Ret.)
Louisiana Maritime Association (LAMA)
Website:  The Watch Stander