Summary of Closures:


River Closure Mile 189.5 Dates/Times


NOTE:  Enterprise, the company conducting the pipeline remove operations has been granted an extension of the closure each morning until 1000 hours.


No closure until Thursday at 1900.


Closed from 1900, 03NOV – 1000, 04NOV

Closed from 1900, 04NOV – 1000, 05NOV

Closed from 1900, 05NOV – 1000, 06NOV

Closed from 1900, 06NOV – 1000, 07NOV

Closed from 1900, 07NOV – 1000, 08NOV

Closed from 1900, 08NOV – 1000, 09NOV


Note:  The contractor has designated 09-15 November as ‘reserve dates’ in case they encounter delays.


Harvey Locks remain closed.


Draft Restriction – Maximum draft of 41’ above Mile 228, AHOP.

Accordingly, due to the concerns expressed by the government agencies and the NOBRA Pilots, and pursuant to the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission’s authority to regulate traffic and commerce within the Port’s jurisdiction, and at its facilities, and in order to mitigate the aforementioned potential safety hazards, the Port is for the time being (at least until updated hydrographic data is available) instituting restrictions on the draft depth to which vessels may transit to or from its berths.  In view of the river forecast and in order to allow for under keel clearance, that draft depth is restricted to forty-one (41) feet above Mile 228 Above Head of Passes. 


“Capt Ron”

Ronald W. Branch, CAPT. USCG (Ret.)
Louisiana Maritime Association (LAMA)
Website:  The Watch Stander