The Rock Contractors alerted industry that the rest of the rock work will be completed without the anchors that were an obstacle to navigation and the U.S. Coast Guard announced the adjustment to the attached Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB).  The rock work will be ongoing along the bank-line with the transit restrictions reduced to a slow bell or slowest safe speed until the work is completed (later this week) – the closures are over at this site.


The following measure was released by the USCG to remove the severe transit restrictions at Mile 101.4 Above Head of Passes in the attached MSIB.

UPDATE – 0845L 04 July 2023;

The anchors for the rock ops at MM101-102 have been removed and the river is reopened to normal two way trafficA Slowest Safe Speed remains for the duration of the work for ships, harbor tugs and launches.”


Please see the attachment for details.


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