Port Date Time Status Port Condition Reason
  Houston 12/30/2021 Houston pilots resumed      
  Houston 12/30/2021 0015 Houston pilots move to outbound traffic only   Fog
  Galv-TXC 12/30/2021 Galv-TXC pilots resume    
  Galv-TXC 12/30/2021 00:20 Galv-TXC pilots suspend operations   Fog
  Corpus Christi 12/30/2021 0015 Aransas Corpus Christi Pilots have suspended boarding vessels for all inbound and outbound traffic.  This applies to all areas of the ship channel.   Fog
  Freeport 12/30/21 1000 Brazos Pilots reopen    
  Freeport 12/30/2021 0530 Brazos Pilots closed all  vessel traffic   FOG
  Port Arthur 12/29/2021 23:15 Sabine Ship channel closed to all traffic   Fog
  New Orleans 12/29/2021 PM Reduced visibility stopping traffic   Fog